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IISO is named after Isokoski, which is our private little bay along the Kalix River in Lapland where our cabin is located. Isokoski means big rapids in Finnish. Isokoski is a place that my grandfather, and the rest of our family, hold very close to our hearts. This is where we go to find balance. To slow our minds down. To be with Nature

Width 2.8cm

For sizing: measure your wrist snug above the bone, and add 1-1.5cm depending on how loose you want the bracelet to be

Every bracelet is carefully made by hand as you order it. Every piece of jewelry is custom made after your wrist and personal style. All bracelets are made with love and passion from highest quality vegetable tanned reindeer leather, pewter with 4% silver, sterling silver tag, and reindeer antler button. All materials are imported from craftsmen in Lapland Sweden for true authenticity

ATTENTION: Due to extremely high demand, wait times are currently longer than normal. Estimate a wait between 3-5 weeks for new orders placed after August 8th. Thank you for your patience and understanding

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Image of IISO (see more info) Image of IISO (see more info) Image of IISO (see more info) Image of IISO (see more info)