SIMPLY SWEDISH was created in early 2016 by Swedish Anna Lengstrand, who now lives on a horse ranch in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Simply Swedish reindeer bracelets are inspired by Anna's ancient Swedish indigenous heritage dedicated her grandfather Algot who comes from the old Sami family Pokka. Algot grew up in Northern Sweden, the youngest of seven children, raised by his Sami mother, herding reindeer, living off the land, far away from the rest of civilization. The Sami are the indigenous reindeer herding people of the Arctic Circle who once roamed freely where Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia now stitch up borders, log the forest, and claim nationhood.  “I’m very similar to my grandfather - we both have our veins filled with love and respect for the land, Nature, animals, adventure, a determined mind, and a simpler lifestyle. We both also share the passion of working with our hands and reindeer handcraft. Algot used to craft engraved Sami knives with a shaft of shed reindeer antler and sheath made out of reindeer leather. My grandfather also made the shed reindeer antler buttons that my aunt used for her reindeer bracelets” 

As an artist, Anna is weaving a bridge back to her roots from her Pemberton ranch. Her reindeer bracelets are traditional Sámi handiwork (tenntrådsarmband or samearmband) - hand spun sterling silver and pewter thread woven on a band of reindeer leather, into patterns that bring to mind ancient Celts and Norse Warriors. The buttons are carved from shed reindeer antlers. The leather was originally stitched together with reindeer ligaments, but Anna is using a modern thread alternative. The craft is infused with the no trace, zero waste ethos of the Sámi. It’s their statement piece of jewelry. Pewter jewelry has been made by the reindeer herding Sámi people of northern Scandinavia since at least the 1600s, and this unique handcraft has been brought down to Anna from her older family members. Anna had been wearing her aunt’s bracelets forever, and felt this huge calling to start weaving and sewing her own versions. Anna feels a great pride to have the opportunity to spread her passion for this ancient handcraft to the rest of the world as well as spreading the knowledge about, and speak up for, the Sámi people and our planet. Anna also strongly believe in timeless, conscious, and sustainable fashion, which is something that Sámi jewelry represent. “I have loved Sámi bracelets my whole life. It feels absolutely amazing to be able to work with something that I truly believe in. I’m representing my whole family, the traditions and culture. I’m tying my heritage from back home to what I do here in Canada, the life that I live here”. 

Anna hopes her handcraft will inspire you to get back to your roots, stand up for who you are, and live a simpler life 

"My Grandfather Algot, his pet reindeer Jakob, and Algot's aunt Selma Pokka. Shot at their reindeer farm in Juoksovaara in1939"

All bracelets are made from highest quality vegetable tanned reindeer leather (*with a few modern colour options available), hand-twinned pewter with 4% sterling silver (nickel free), silver tag, and shed reindeer antler button. All materials are imported from craftsmen in Norrbotten Lapland Sweden for true authenticity. Simply Swedish bracelets are very comfortable to wear because of the softness of the reindeer leather. Bracelets are made in both traditional and contemporary styles, for everyone; young and old, man or woman

Indigenous Sámi handcraft meets timeless contemporary design in Anna's custom made exclusive Simply Swedish bracelets. Always hand made by herself in Pemberton, BC

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For more information about Anna's family, the Sámi people and reindeer bracelets; read under the tab "Our History" below or click HERE